Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Once Upon a Time in Placerville #5: Photos from the El Dorado County Museum

Good morning. Its a cold early spring day here in Kelsey, so we are going to stay warm by the fireside and take a little armchair tour of Placerville. We can stay inside and out of the snow, and just pretend we are about to crank up the old car with our friends shown here below on a snow covered Placerville street. I worked as a volunteer at the El Dorado County Historical Museum on Placerville Drive last Sunday. We had quite a few visitors, including my son and his lady, and a couple who own the wonderful old Thorn Mansion in San Andreas. But in between the busy times, I perused the binders with old photos. These were from the binder which contained unknown places. I think they are unknown because the researchers didn't know where they were located in town, because some note the owners by name. I have some ideas about a few of the places in the photos, but haven't yet had the chance to drive around and see if my memory of the houses matches the reality. I did identify a photo from the 1960's which was of the Placerville Pines Convalescent Hospital on Marshall Way. I worked there in the early 70's, so I am very familiar with the building.

Placerville house in snow. We saw quite a bit of that this winter.
This looks like a home on Clay Street, but since I haven't had a chance to match it up yet I am unsure.
Another home in snow. I love these old farmhouses with wrap around porches.
Please forgive the reflections of light in these photos. They are photographs of photographs which are behind plastic film in an album, so it was hard to avoid the reflections at times.
This home looks like one on Coloma Street, there are several in Placerville with stucco. I will drive past it this afternoon and see if it matches up.
This is Judge N. D. Arnot's property. Where is your home, Judge?
This lovely old place needs some paint and new shutters.
Even the smallest home still has its little porch so we can kick back and greet the neighbors.
Mrs. Ralston's home. This looks similar to houses which were once on Broadway, and were torn down to built the freeway. I would like to see a close-up of the porch supports of this home, they look interesting, and I can't figure out what they are made out of.
Thomas B. B. house. Thomas, get to work, it looks like your porch is sagging.
I am ending with an old real photo postcard of Hangtown Creek in high water. I worked next to the creek for over 15 years, and saw it get to the top of its banks and threaten the parking lots beside it. Hopefully this won't happen this spring.

I hope you enjoyed your armchair tour. Maybe a reader can help the docents at the museum identify the whereabouts of some of these homes.


Heidi Ann said...

You know how much I love old photos - especially local ones. And even better is that they are all "new" to me. I think I definitely need to visit that museum some day when you are there. If gas wasn't so expensive, I could drive over there more often!
Dang it.

Jennifer D said...

Thanks for the tour. I have never been to Placerville. I love old houses and their porches.

yosemite faith said...

i love love love old photos. let us know what comes of your attempts to see if you were guessing correctly.

farmlady said...

I believe that all the old houses had porches because of the hot summers. Can you imagine Summers without air-conditioning? Those porches must have gotten a lot of use on a hot day.
Thanks for the Placerville picture tour. I love the town. It's got so many lovely old homes.