Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vintage Gunne Sax Patterns

I borrowed nearly all of these patterns from Lori, because I wanted to do a post simply to show you these wonderful Jessica McClintock Gunne Sax dresses skirts, and blouses. This one is from 1979:

The next two are from 1981:

And 1982:
And I just had to include this shot of my own vintage Gunne Sax skirt, which happens to have sold recently. I felt rather sad about letting it go::
And this pattern for a girl's version of a similar skirt, which I found at a thrift store.
Hope you enjoyed this little trip down Gunne Sax lane!
(All patterns say Gunne Sax by Jessica San Francisco, and are trademarked Jessica/Gunne Sax, Ltd.)


Tina Dawn said...

I love them all. I think I will set a goal of making the long one in the second pattern out of a beautiful paisley print as a gift for myself when I am done with Weight Watchers (about 3 years from now...) Your skirt was beautiful and I am sure the new owner loves it as much as you did. Love T

Jennifer D said...

Thanks for the trip down memory...gunne sax lane!
I spent much too much time wishing I could have "real" Gunne Sax dresses from the store, not made by my Mother. She had that very same pattern on the botton there.
My favorite one of the group is that gorgeous blue skirt. Funny how popular "Prarie Style" was in the 80's. Thanks to The Waltons and Little House, maybe? I wish that style would come back. ;0)

Heidi said...

I was actually thinking about Gunne Sax dresses the other day because I went to the middle school production of The Secret Garden and spotted a couple of made-over GS dresses as costumes. :) I had only 1 store-bought GS dress when I was little, I'm sure my grandma bought it because it was expensive. It was pale blue and it had pearl trim--I thought it was so beautiful! :)

yosemite faith said...

takes me back to high school when i sewed a lot. wish i had saved all my patterns. my mom probably did and my brother probably threw them out.