Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bunnies From Books

With Easter fast approaching, I just wanted to share some of the sweetest bunny rabbit images I found in my vintage books.
The first one is from "Animal Stories We Can Read", adapted by Flora L. Carpenter, illustrated by Dorothy Grider:

From "A Surprise For Mrs. Bunny", written and illustrated by Charlotte Steiner, about whom I have written before:

From "Home For A Bunny", by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrations by Garth Williams:

From "I Am A Bunny" by Ole Risom, illustrations by Richard Scarry:

This one is actually Peter Rabbit's Mother, from "Peter Rabbit", a Whitman Book, illustrated by Jack and Louise Myers - too cute!
This is from a little book
titled "Animals For Tiny Tots", no illustrator given:

From "Bunny Button" , by Revena, illustrations by Bernice Myers:

From "Happy Animals' ABC, by Helen Wing, with illustrations by Racey Helps:

May the Easter Bunny's visit bring you joy.


Tina Dawn said...

"A Surprise for Mrs. Bunny" is one of my all time favorites. Very cute post. Love T

Lori said...

'I Am A Bunny', was one of my daughters favorites when little. I think I could still read it from memory!!

yosemite faith said...

i love bunnies......