Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Once Upon A Time in Kelsey

Good morning. Tina here with a few more vintage images of the little town I live in, Kelsey, California.

Here and there, tucked into the hills are some old homes, and our old schoolhouse, church, and an old store still stand. A tall chimney stands surrounded by junk and a mobile home... It is sad, but as they say, it is what it is.

The caption on this home says "the house below the cemetery". No home stands there now.

Old Murphy place. There is a Mount Murphy which stands above Coloma but I don't know if it is the same Murphy. Very likely though.

Alfred and Kate Spargo. I love their nice big porch. They need to get busy with a weed eater though.

Roelke home and hotel built 1880s.

Joseph Smith residence. Son of Pegleg Smith. There's a story there, I will have to dig it out sometime.

Old Kelsey Post Office. We don't have a post office now, Placerville delivers our mail. They do a good job of it, but it separates Kelsey from all the other communities of the Georgetown Divide. Even our newspaper, the Georgetown Gazette, which is published on Thursdays, doesn't manage to reach our door until as late as the next Tuesday some weeks. It makes it hard to get to garage sales before all the deals are gone!

Rossi home, Chicken Flat.

Tom Allen's place.

The Kelsey church. When we first moved to Kelsey we voted in this church. Now there are so few people in our precinct that we can only vote by mail.

Just a quick little view of some vintage images of Kelsey.


Mary R. said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing those pics.

Heidi Ann said...

How wonderful that you have managed to find all of those photos!
Interesting post - I always love the "history" ones!

yosemite faith said...

wouldn't ya love to have someone in your family tree named peg leg? i love all the old photos - as always - you do them proud tina.

Papasan said...

Howdy, neighbor! I live just over the hill in Garden Valley! Love all the photos of the old days!