Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Poppies, Daffodils, Rain and Ishi

It's been raining here for a few days, so we are pretty much just kicked back catching up on our reading and DVR'd television shows. A wee bit of early spring cleaning has managed to get done...
Last week in the late winter sun, we were out enjoying the yard.

One of my sis-in-laws gave us this whirligig for Christmas. He is a lot of fun when the weather is mild. Right now he is taken down and tucked into a dry spot on the deck. The wind we get here on our hillside tends to not only send him spinning out of control, it also sends him spinning up the driveway if it is strong enough!

I thought I might do a blog and show you all the daffodils, but it is too wet for pictures, so this preview will have to do for now. The weather reports show rain until at least next Tuesday, so I am not sure when those photos will be forthcoming.

Last Friday I had a good friend over for lunch and conversation, we sat on the deck and then later ate our BLTs on the front porch in the sun.

We were viewing the poppies on the hillsides above the river.

In the thirteen years (as of yesterday) that we have lived here, we have always had poppies blooming there, mostly about mid-February. Except for last year. They did not show at all. So we were worried this year, when February came and went... no poppies.

But March brought them. I wish I had a better camera to zoom in on them and show the brilliant, dayglo orange when the sun hits them.

There are not as many as previous years, but they are there!

You can see in the foreground some of the daffodils in the yard. If it ever clears up I promise more.

But in the meantime, we are out of the weather, cozying up, thinking about making a pot of baked beans or something...


Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Omigosh, that pic of Ishi could seriously go viral! From the angel you took it, looks like he's hanging on for dear life! Haha! Beautiful pictures of your landscape - as usual. So gorgeous!

farmlady said...

I haven't seen any poppies but I think we are lower than you are and the rain may be slowing them down a little.
Not complaining!... I love the rain.
I will have to go out and drive toward the river on 49 to see if the poppies are blooming yet.
That photo of your cat is really funny. I thought the cat was suspended in the air.

Heidi Ann said...

Kitty cats and daffodils - two of my favorite subjects! I need to come and see them all........

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Way past my bedtime. Looked like the kitty kat, Ishi, in the top pic was sleeping in a really weird way—or doing a really spectacular job at showing off to earn a treat. It took some blinks & squints to realize the pic was taken from above. Oh my. Yawn................

Hi Gold Country Girls. Jim up in Camino here. I’ve been lurking for quite a while, especially historical foothill posts & pics—local & local people history tends to hook me into staying awhile. And kitty kats always grab my attention. (I have two calicos – really love kitty kats) Bizarre illusions of how your kitty was posing, well, it made me laugh and I thought it might give others a giggle. Giggle! (I see Cupcakes had a similar experience.)

I’m not sure which moniker is going to show up with this comment. Jim J & Apple Hillbilly are strewn about the web and both are accurate. :0)

I’ll be contacting you gals about a high school on Clay Street a century or so ago. I listened to a 1976 taped interview with Alice Dillinger (her daughter Marion Wentworth left us Oct 2009... Dillinger Furniture?), made I believe for "I Remember... : stories and pictures of El Dorado County pioneer families" / Betty Yohalem (a very inaccurate city “government” publication)

Mrs. Dillinger went to High School on Clay Street. Googling brought up the wonderful old pic you had posted—all I could find on the web. I’m quite a walker, and less a runner, but I’ve sight-seen most everywhere hereabouts. With the picture, especially the steep, long steps and positioning of the old homes beneath, I thought I might finally find the site of the old school. Nope.

Wonderful blog. Keep up the excellent work. I’m sure there are many like me who enjoy-enjoy-enjoy but are a little too shy to check in.

Thank You So Much, Jim J;0)