Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's PennyWearing? #65 Another Outfit From The 70's

Today, Penny models for you yet another of my outfits that I have held on to since the 1970's.
I know....I'm crazy.
Whatever. This is a skirt and top made out of a stretchy polyester knit.

I even still have the necklace I wore with it - the green one. I added the other one for my photos of Penny, because I thought it looked nice, with colors to match the stripes.

The outfit was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend at the time. His name was Garry and he passed away a few years ago, I am sorry to say. He was a great guy, and I remain close with his family to this day. Here I am opening my outfit:

As usual, I can NOT believe that I was ever small enough to wear this. But yes, I was - and here's the proof, below. I wish I still had those shoes! Burnt orange suede platforms - I loved those shoes:

(And before you say anything - Yes, I AM aware of how awful that "Afro-style" perm was. It was kind of the fad at the time. Young and stupid, what can I say?)
Now that I have photographed my 70's skirt and top for posterity, I am going to let it go.
I know, I know - it's about time.


Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

I think it's adorable & you look like the cat's pajamas! LOVE the orange shoes! The pic of you and Garry is adorable. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. Thank God for old photo's. They really do bring back the "good old days". They really were, weren't they.

Tina Dawn said...

Your hair actually looks pretty cute in the last picture, which is really great of both of you. I remember I just about croaked when I saw the two of you with that hair! Garry had good taste. Good bless him and Pete. What great people they were. Love T

Jennifer D said...

You are adorable. Then and now!

That outfit is fantastic and the Hair! I love it

yosemite faith said...

i finally gave and or donated bags and bags of clothes - many from the 70's last summer. guess not unpacking for 6 years made it easier to let things go. i still have things to unpack this spring. i was wondering heidi - do you still wear size 6 1/2 shoe? love how the stripes match on this outfit. back in the day you did not have to pay a ton to get that nice touch. now only really expensive items take the time (and sometimes extra fabric) to have things match up.

Paul Duca said...

You two must have been don't buy a whole outfit for someone when you're just friends.

Hunting Tigress said...

I love how the stripes on the shirt and skirt flow right into each other. That was true craftsmanship! Super groovy! The platforms are killer, too!