Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring, Spring, Spring!

I simply love this song! Here it is, from the film "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers":

And here it is, as sung by two of my favorite entertainers who ever lived in this whole, wide world, the completely fabulous Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire:

I wish you could hear my favorite version, though- sung by the multi-talented Michael Feinstein on "The MGM Album".

P.S. I had to add that I want to wish the wonderful Carl Reiner (who has been entertaining us for all of our lives) a very happy 90th birthday on this first day of spring!
A million thanks to you for all the laughs, Mr. Reiner!


Tina Dawn said...

Thank you, what a great way to start the day and the season. Love T

Jennifer D said...

We have to be related. I adore Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!

Mick said...

I share your love for this song! Haha I was "Gideon" in & Brides for 7 Brothers Last november and this was in my top 4 of favorites. the rest being "Goin' Courtin'","Sobbin Women","One Man", and "We got to make it through the winter" (it replaced "Lonsome Pole Cat" in the Musical stage version fo the show). But yes indeedy the Barn yard is busy! :)

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

What a fun stroll (dance!) down memory lane! I remember going to the movie's with my mom & seeing this - and coming out with a wild crush on Russ Tamblyn. Well, as wild a crush as a six year old could have. What wonderful days those were when you could take your 6 year old to a movie & not have to check ratings. My friends & I did the "Goin Courtin" dance through the garage many times :- )
Thanks for a sweet way to start the day Heidi Ann.

yosemite faith said...

gosh our spring - since the huge snowstorm - has been a lot like summer. all 70's and 80's. if it wasn't for john's dad being ill - we would have got off our behinds and got going on the garden etc etc.