Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What's Penny Wearing? #143 Some VERY Inexpensive Outfits!

Penny is back today to show off her new wardrobe pieces that can be mixed and matched in any number of ways.
 It's the most inexpensive array of items we have ever amassed from a "thrifting" day.
First up, this sweater, skirt and scarf:
Same corduroy mini-skirt, but with a brown velvet jacket this time, and a pretty vintage fringed scarf:
Here's a closer look at the scarf and jacket:
Next, a little black dress:
A simple and versatile dress, to which you could add a scarf, a jacket, a sweater, switch out the belt with another, wear a blouse or turtleneck underneath for fall, etc.
We also have a sweater and skirt combo:
You could wear something simple under the sweater - or add the striped scarf from above, or layer on the brown jacket.
A chartreuse green corduroy jacket with a vintage necktie worn as a sort of cravat  .....
   .....  is paired with a simple denim skirt:
And here, I went crazy and threw in yet another vintage necktie. This one happens to have a stain, so you could cut it up if you wanted, and make it into a "pocket square" of sorts:
You could also pair the blue striped sweater with the denim skirt, wear the fringed scarf with the black dress, the striped scarf with the orange outfit - you get the idea, right?
There are quite a few possibilities.
The grand total for every single mixable, matchable piece you see here in this fall wardrobe?
 It was $3.76, which breaks down this way:
Striped scarf from Dollar Tree, $1.08
Vintage long fringed scarf, thrift store, $1.61
Blue denim skirt, off of a 99 cent sale rack at the thrift store, $1.07
Every single other item shown was free at another thrift store that was giving away all of their clothing for free, so they could restock with new merchandise.
I think Penny did pretty well this time out!
Not bad at all.
(Oh, and there were also some shoes and purses (for free) that could be worn with some of these wardrobe items, but I didn't get pictures of those.)


Diane said...

Wow, do you know how to shop! Love that black dress.

lorlore said...

Lovely outfits, great finds!!!!