Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tina's Collection Of Beads

In my sister Tina's newly remodeled master bathroom, she has created an absolutely fabulous display of her beads, along with their wonderful vintage pottery holders.
I suppose the pictures can pretty much speak for themselves, and I think you will see what I mean:
 Some of the holders are flowers:

 But there are some birds, too:
Her beaded necklace collection is pretty spectacular, right?
 And then, these wooden beads (most of the others are glass) are all hanging on the back of the door:
 A shot of all three:
 There are even birds for holding scissors:
 Here's another....
 And a scissor-holding flower, as well!
I found this photo of one of the "Jewel-Flower" holders on eBay, along with it's original box.
These lovely items were created by The Artist's Barn in Fillmore, California.
See - it says "hang by sink, basin, or dressing table", and that is precisely what she has done - in a very grand fashion!
I'm pretty sure no one back then ever imagined that sixty-five years later, there would be such an array of them adorning an appreciative super-collector's home!
Tina, I LOVE the way they look, they are absolutely splendid!


lorlore said...

Spledid, indeed!!!!!!

Melanie said...

Oh, WOW! Those holders are so beautiful, and the beads are impressive!

Diane said...

Very nice display! I had never heard of the flower holders before. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Its been over ten days since the last post....I hope all is well ladies :)

Heidi Ann said...

I don't have any idea who wrote the previous comment, but it is very sweet of you to care; thank you! I've just been too busy to post and Tina has had ongoing computer issues. Some day I will get back to it, though - that's a promise, and it is nice to feel that we are missed.