Sunday, October 9, 2016

Back To Mountain Treasures

The Gold Country Girls are back in business at Mountain Treasures in Sonora!
I wrote a post a few months ago about how the shop I had been renting space at in Jamestown had changed owners.
 Well, that didn't end up working out.
 So I have been incredibly busy moving out of one shop and into another.
We are happy to be back at Mountain Treasures. Lana and Larry Busby, the owners, are really nice people, and there are 40 vendors in the shop with a wide variety of merchandise. It's a wonderful store to browse in, even if you aren't looking for anything specific. I truly do believe there is something for everyone in there!
The only reason I left there was because Jamestown is more of a tourist destination, with a Main Street that has antiques shops, restaurants and hotels, and Railtown 1897 State Park right up the road. My items did sell pretty well there.
 Having to move out unexpectedly, and as quickly as possible (for a variety of reasons) was very difficult. I'm not going to go into it here.
It meant downsizing, and I'm still reeling from my attempts to find places to store everything that wouldn't fit.
 In the photo above, you can see many of Lori's great cards, calendars, altered clothespin magnets,  and notepads.
 Believe me, I fit as much as I possibly could into this new booth space!
 As soon as Tina gets over here with HER stuff, it will be changing!
Do you see anything you like?
 I'm kind of worn out, to be honest.
 This move has taken quite a toll on me.
 But I'll live.
Live and learn, right?
I've lived enough years now to know that THAT is surely true, believe me.
I created some little book stacks using some of my Reader's Digest Condensed Books.
I like the way they turned out - they are meant to be purely decorative:
 The ribbon and embellishments are all vintage; my little butterflies and leaves were all found years ago at a local estate sale from a long-time florist here in town:
Oh, and I'm going to try my best to get back to posting more often!


Rhonda said...

The new booth looks great - hope you will be very successful there!

Sunnyana said...

Wow! So many nice things. The Homer Laughlin creamer & sugar bowl look just like my grandmother's which I think I still have in a box somewhere. I see lots of things I like. I hope you can get some rest now and that business will do well for you. Wish I could come see the shop. Everything looks great!

Melanie said...

Oh, how I wish I lived there - I would love to shop in your booth! Best wishes for success in your new location!