Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Pretty Pink Lady

There's a pretty new (vintage)  pink lady at our house:
I was very happy to receive her, and I'm sure she feels right at home here with the rest of my collection.
(I only have one other candle holder in this particular style, and she is orange. You can barely see her reflection in the mirror in the top photo.)
In the next two pictures you can see the way she looked when she arrived (both sides):
Then again, you actually cannot even tell from these two photos how truly bad she looked.
She was, quite literally, dripping with wax.
You'll have to trust me on this.
More of it, and in more colors and layers, than you can make out in the photos.
 I am not sure how many candles were allowed to drip on and around her in the nearly fifty years she's been around,
but there were lighter colors that aren't visible.
It was a LOT - she was a hot mess!
I spent two and a half hours very carefully and methodically working to remove all of that wax without damaging her.
 But things did turn out all right in the end.
Let's just say "she cleaned up nicely" ....

   .... and we'll leave it at that.


Rhonda said...

She is quite lovely!

Diane said...

Wow-- you did a great job! Well worth your efforts.