Monday, October 31, 2016

It's Halloween Time!

Happy Halloween everyone!
I found this cute vintage paper decoration at a thrift shop earlier this month:
 We don't even get any trick or treaters at our house, and yet - for some reason - we still buy candy.
 I can't imagine why that is.
Very mysterious.
Go figure.
This vintage perpetual calendar is one of my favorite recent finds.
 It may not be "Halloween-ish" exactly - but it is when it has this date on it!
And I got this vintage Jack O'Lantern cutie on Instagram:
I found a nice copy of "Homebodies" by Charles Addams at an estate sale last summer.
 Naturally, I had to have it out on display for Halloween,
and it looked just right behind my "Buried Alive" Halloween cupcake:
Also, here is one of his illustrations from the book that I particularly like - Morticia Addams:
Whether it's for a holiday or not, autumn and our wonderful rainy weather has gotten me in the mood for cooking up pumpkin anything, bread, cookies, pie, whatever.
And you know, I've actually never even tried one of the pumpkin drinks at Starbucks, so I just might have to do that, too.
How about you? Whatcha cookin' up?
Are you ready for November?
It's almost here.......
Be safe tonight!
Because the goblins will get 'ya if you don't watch out!


Diane said...

Happy Halloween (a little late). Very cool Addams book. Coincidentally enough, my daughter was Wednesday Addams for Halloween this year.

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