Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The November Page From "The Year Around Book", With Illustrations by Jerry Pinkney

So... it's November 9th, and the elections are behind us.
Whether or not they resulted in what you had hoped for, I'm here to wish you a Happy November, now that it's all over!
And I wanted to share this month's page from my wonderful vintage (1965) tome "The Year Around Book" by Helen Jill Fletcher featuring the fabulous illustrations that I adore by the extremely talented artist Jerry Pinkney.
Coincidentally, just last week I purchased a vintage California school music textbook that also features his illustrations!
 "This Is Music" was published in 1968.
I was absolutely delighted when I found it (at a thrift shop).
Here's a turkey from that book, since we're talking about November and all:
And check out this colorful two-page spread:
"Friends And Family" - so cute and colorful with a friendly postman and a dog who actually appears happy to see him!
( I used to be a rural mail carrier - don't get me started on dogs and mail carriers!)
And by the way, hopefully you will be spending the Thanksgiving holiday later on this month with YOUR friends and family!
I'll leave you with this last illustration:
You know, that's the way I would truly like to be spending my time.
Yes, "Singing Through The Day" sounds pretty good to me!
(Just for the record: I'm not saying that I FEEL like singing through the day, nor that I am going to be.
Only that it does sound like a lovely thing to do.
If you love to sing.
And I do.
That's all.)

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Diane said...

Love these! Really like that mail carrier picture. Yes, I bet you have some stories to tell about delivering mail!