Monday, November 14, 2016

More Of My Colorful Finds

Here I am again with some of my favorite finds.
First up, three more adorable vintage Counterpoint magnets for my collection:
A pretty papier mache gift box, backed by gorgeous batik fabric:
Another fabulous flower power vintage suitcase!
I hate to pick favorites, but I mean - come on.... right?
I love it:
I think this vintage mug pairs remarkably well with the vintage fabric I found at the same thrift store:
I do not know how to translate what it says on this vintage tile, but it's sweet, so, who cares?
(Actually, I do! I'd love to know what it says. Anybody?)
I think it may be either Figgjo Flint or Berggren, but I'm not sure.
I DO know that I really like it!
I found this great vintage avocado green kitchen scale from Sears:
I also found a nice little stash of bump chenille - I rarely find any of this, so I thought it was pretty cool:
And this little cache of vintage baby stuff, including the fab vintage Irmi pieces (from a crib mobile, I suspect) was all together in a little "grab" bag at an antique show. I grabbed, it all right!
That's it for today!
More to come, soon.
Because I cannot seem to stay away from the thrift shops to save my life..........


Diane said...

Great finds!!

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