Thursday, November 10, 2016

What's Penny Wearing? #144 Plaid And Patchwork

Today Penny is mad for plaid, in a patchwork skirt I purchased recently at a thrift store,
along with two vintage shirts:
I've had both of the shirts since the 70's.
Layered over a short-sleeved blue cotton chambray shirt is a cotton flannel plaid shirt in one of the prettiest color combinations I've ever seen.
I wish it fit me still, because I'd be wearing it.
I loved it back then, and I still love the bright and pretty blue plaid:
I'm just really kind of digging the look of this patchwork skirt:
I love the mix of solids and wonderful plaids:
I just liked the way they all looked together.
I think it would make a cute outfit, perhaps paired with tights and boots?
What do you think?

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Tami Von Zalez said...

I LIKE it! You found the perfect pairing. Now, if I could just find a Penny of my own to showcase my finds. I have decided not to appear on my blog for now and perhaps the distant future.