Saturday, January 14, 2017

Just For Fun

One of my grandsons was here yesterday for a little while, and he brought something for us to play with.
Colorful foam sheets and letters, shapes, etc., with adhesive backing.
I made this one:
And he made three!
This one has his initials on it:
 M is for Monkey:
 And this one, I'm assuming was a tribute to his pet rat who got hurt when she jumped too far (there IS a reason why keeping them in their cage is probably a good idea) , and did not recover from her injury - though she did hang in there for a while:
And I put this last piece (below) together, but I didn't attach the letters and the stars to the backing; I merely made the assemblage and then removed them after I had snapped a photo of it:
I liked it - but the stars are precious to him (understandably, since they are so glittery and pretty!) - so I didn't want to actually use so many of them to make a picture!
Like I said, just for fun!


Tina Dawn said...

What fun! I am so sorry to hear about his rat. I loved my rats when I was young. I miss having grandkids young enough to play with. Love T

Shara said...

Is that a Pokeball on the one with his initials? I bet it is. It's so fun to craft iwth kiddos. Glad you saved his glittery stars....:).