Saturday, January 21, 2017

Patterns From The Past: From 50 Years Past! A Suit From Simplicity Pattern 7439

Yes, today's pattern is not only "from the past", but it's actually from fifty years past!
Yes indeed, as you can see below, this pattern graced the cover of the Simplicity Fashion News booklet in January of 1967, sewn up in a nice red, white and blue plaid and modeled by none other than the lovely Shelley Hack:
And here is a picture of the pattern front:
"Designer Fashion" straight out of the 60's,  shown here with the jacket in red and the blouse and skirt done up in beige:
 And the skirt and jacket in the same green print knit with the blouse in a pale blue:
 (Sorry, Miss - and you are lovely, too - but I say Shelley wore it better!)
And last of all today,  we have the back of the pattern:

Yes, ladies, why don't you sew yourself up a suit from 1967 today?
(That is, if you have the pattern, of course!)


Diane said...

Hey, that's cute! Funny how fabric patterns and colors go in and out of style too.

Tina Dawn said...

I like it, I might have thought about making this for Dress Revue. Instead I made a black and white jumpsuit with round cut outs on the side. Love T

Sarabeth said...

I like this one and would totally wear it (if someone wants to sew it for me)! Classy, classic, and flattering. (and for the record I am 46 so just missed it the first time around...)