Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lounge Chair Road Trip No. 17: Meyers at Lake Tahoe, El Dorado County

Today I woke up with a hankering to go up to Tahoe, but I am not going to be able to, so I guess it is a lounge chair road trip day.

After we crest the Echo Summit, we wend our way down the steep, curvy highway on the east side, getting glimpses of the lake here and there, and trying not to look down, way down, to the meadow far below.

Gotta go slow below because of those hairpin turns.

As we reach the flat areas that become Meyers, we can take a few side jaunts to check out the Truckee River. On the other side of the lake the river is a popular "lazy rafting" spot in the summer.

I really like this cute little bridge above. I see the car made it over safely.

Recently on ebay there were a large number of real photo post cards (RPPCs) of Meyers for sale which I liked and bid on, but lets just say there was another bidder with much deeper pockets than I who ended up with them instead of me. I saved the pictures though, that didn't cost me anything. But I would rather have the postcards!

Meyers is the first "town" you come to as you head towards Lake Tahoe and Stateline. Highway 89 heads off to the right, and would take you over to Highway 88. Meyers spreads out around you, most of the old buildings now gone, but not forgotten because of the postcards.

Above and below, Meyers Hotel. What a beautiful setting.

Below is the Ranger Station.

This is an old photograph and is entitled Yank's Station, Meyers, Lake Tahoe.

Celio's Saw Mill, Meyers, I can almost smell the sawdust. I have a friend who takes his family to Celio's Ranch every winter season and gets his Christmas tree. The Celio's came to Tahoe in 1903 and at one time had 400,000 acres. The first lumber mill was built in 1910 and the first ranch house was built of wood from that mill.

Well, we are at the end of our road trip. It was very refreshing to get up to the Sierras and see some snow, and I love that crisp and cool mountain air!

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Heidi Ann said...

I loved seeing all of these great old postcards!
I'd like to take a trip up to Tahoe, too - but I don't want to drive in the snow, so your Lounge Chair Road Trip to Meyers will have to suffice for me, as well.
For now.