Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Roses in Winter

Good morning. Tina here. Lately here in the gold country we have had a lot of rain. The rain was so heavy it even had a special name, an atmospheric river. So we have been inside a lot.

However, out in the yard, a California phenomenon was taking place. Here in the midst of changeable days, wet and windy (up to 50 mile-an-hour winds), can't see past the hood of the car foggy, crispy frosty frozen fields, sudden flurries of snow, and "are we in a house or on the deck of a ship?" pounding sideways rain, some of our roses are determinedly blooming away

The bush of golden yellow climbers has two blooms.

My Joseph's Dream Coat rose below the front porch sparkles in the early dawn.

Another lovely climber is preparing to join its friends, a red rose in time for Valentine's Day?

As I sit in the living room this morning, looking out at the dreary weather, noting the rain has started up again, I think of the mid-winter roses and they bring a smile.


Rhonda said...

Wow what a lovely treat! How lucky are you?! Can't imagine seeing roses in my garden right now here in MI.

Heidi Ann said...

Those are so pretty, Tina!!
Yesterday, I was at a thrift store and they had a bouquet of narcissus sitting on the counter in sort of a hidden spot. I smelled them before I saw them. They do tend to blossom quite early around here, too.
Roses and narcissus, two of my favorite scents in the world.
I think our crazy California winter weather in our beautiful and beloved Gold Country confuses the flowers sometimes, yes?

Tami Von Zalez said...

Hello into the New Year my Gold Country Girls! Wish I still had my rose bushes but I lost them all in the drought. I couldn't keep up with the hand watering. So I will enjoy your images ~

lorlore said...

Love that Dream Coat Rose, beautiful!!!!!