Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Few Needlepoint Pictures From The Thrift Shops

I just wanted to share some needlepoint pictures today that I have found at thrift stores.
Let's start with the one below; I just framed it yesterday. I found the unframed piece at a thrift store on our trip in May, and, as often is the case, I had the perfect frame for it at home already:
 ( I think in the photo it looks small, it's actually 8X10".)
I also found this pretty still life recently:
And this cottage scene:
Those two were already framed, but the last one is another where I had a frame that fit the piece perfectly and framed it myself:
Muted colors, bright colors - they're all pretty to me!


Tina Dawn said...

Beautiful! I love the tulips in the blue jug,& the cottage reminds me of the Bumpus's for some reason. The little flower cart at the end has the most glorious colors! Thank you also for helping me realize what the date is today. Love T

Rhonda said...

You found some lovely gems!