Sunday, July 9, 2017

Colorful Tiles From Taylor & Ng

I just happen to have found a few of these colorful tiles and tile trivets from Taylor & Ng, San Francisco fairly recently.
They were designed by Win Ng ( Like the name ? I do!)
I love the artwork; it's so original and unique.
I'll start with this one, found in May at a Goodwill in Oregon.
 I almost didn't buy it, but I ended up grabbing it after all.
Too cute and colorful to resist - "Chicken In A Basket"
I've had this next one, below, for a while.
 Most of the ones I've seen are from 1982.
 "Strawberry Snail":
I also found "Doggie Do Good" while we were traveling:
This is a smaller one "Kitty Katfish" -  pretty "kute"!
I believe this one, "Rascal Rabbit" was the first one I ever found:
But then - more recently - I found the small tile trivet and the coffee mug to match!
I was able to find a picture of one other online.
This one isn't mine , "Whopper Whale":
 Aren't they great?


Tina Dawn said...

These are a lot of fun! I like his name too, I think it is pronounced Win - win! Fun! Love T

Leanne said...

Love these!

CrowGirl said...

Hi! I work for Needlepoint Now, and I found your blog looking for vintage needlepoint images to share with our social media audience. Great blog! I love Taylor & Ng myself, especially the "naughty" coffee mugs! Recently, I found that Win Ng illustrated a series of cookbooks written by Violet and Charles Schafer and published by Yerba Buena Press in the 70s; Wokcraft, Breadcraft, Teacraft, etc. The illustrations are super charming! Would you believe that I never connected "Win Ng" to "winning"?