Thursday, July 27, 2017

Patterns From The Past - And Pattern Boxes

So, I have a wee bit of trouble resisting vintage patterns when I find them, as you may have gathered over the years if you are a reader of this blog.
I just plain LIKE them, and they also remind me of when I was a teenager.
Going to The Quality Shop on Main Street in Placerville and picking out patterns and/or fabric was one of our favorite things to do!
But if you're going to buy a bunch of great vintage patterns, you will eventually need a place to store them, and I happen to think these cardboard pattern storage boxes are the perfect thing:
I had found a couple of them over the years, but now the owners of one of my favorite thrift shops are on the lookout for them for me!
I went in one day and they had acquired four brand new, unused ones!
I was very happy to purchase them, bring them home...
...quickly assemble them....
...and then promptly fill them up!
(Sorry, but no pictures of that, because it was done in the basement and I have very low lighting down there, unfortunately.)
But you'll just have to take my word for it;
I had MORE than enough patterns with which to fill them!


Ree Cee said...

I have a couple of similar vintage pink pattern boxes! They are such a good size for all kinds of goodies. I know I've got some filled with misc sewing supplies somewhere.

I know what you mean about patterns - they bring back fond memories of going to the "Piece Goods" store with my mom when I was a pre-teen/teen. I think they were based in North Carolina and they had stores sprinkled in the South. Unfortunately they went out of business years ago. I loved their scrap bags.

I took sewing classes twice (many many moons ago) but have yet to finish anything. I think one beginning class was the Bishop method. I couldn't tell you what it means. And I still don't know how to sew. But I'm so drawn to sewing accoutrements even though I don't sew! Maybe I hope I'll magically sew one day through osmosis.

I have no less than four sewing machines, maybe five. Three are vintage Singer machines that I bought intending to repurpose the cast iron bases. One is a perfectly good sewing machine that I bought at a yard sale for $5. My beau's mom is an expert seamstress and she used it to sew beautiful curtains for me.

I'm excited you got those pattern boxes!

Candice said...

Heidi Ann, I love seeing the patterns you collect. They always look familiar, but then my mom and two sisters and I spent many hours pouring over the pattern books at the fabric stores in Phoenix. I used to have one of those pattern boxes but must have tossed it along with my patterns. I wish I still had them.

Tina Dawn said...

What great luck! I love looking at the pretty vintage fabric on the patterns, that is my downfall, the lovely fabrics and the bright colors. I have stacks of fabric and patterns and ideas, well maybe my ideas are not in stacks but sometimes my brain feels like they are! Love T

Sunnyana said...

I always love to see the patterns you post! My mom always sewed for my sister & me when we were little & I started sewing in Jr. High. Back then the only place to buy fabric & patterns was at JCPenney's. From 1975-1977 I worked in the fabric & sewing section of another dept. store so that's why so many of your patterns look familiar. I still have boxes of fabric & patterns I never had time to make. I can't use the patterns now but from time to time I am able to use some of my fabric collection. Like you Heidi, one reason I love to see these patterns is because they remind me of my teenage years, & the innocence of that time, but also I just LOVE the bright colors & I still really like a lot of the styles.

Tami Von Zalez said...

I too can't resist patterns but have since slowed on my collecting them. I keep them in plastic tubs so the insects can't get at them in storage.

Diane said...

Great finds! Like that last pattern on the right. Cute!

lorlore said...

I love these!! Would love to find some!!!

Rob and Monica said...

We see a stash of vintage Simplicity and McCall's patterns every few months or so. It seems like the estate sales that have them usually have a hundred of them. I remember that my mom had loads of them. She made dresses for my sisters a lot. (Rob)