Friday, January 26, 2018

A Few More Crewel Finds

I've found a few more crewelwork pictures (and others) that I just wanted to share with you today.
You may know that I have a hard time resisting them!
This one is especially pretty, with those fluffy green flowers:
And while this next one is a little bit dirty, I wasn't going to leave it behind!
This dear little girl, below was actually given to me by another vendor at Mountain Treasures.
I know it's from a Jiffy Stitchery kit titled "Prayin'", and isn't it the sweetest?
I found these two that I believe were also most likely from Jiffy Stitchery kits, and somebody had made them into cute pillow covers.
 They actually looked pretty sad when I spotted them at a thrift store, but once I brought them home, pressed them, and found pillows to stuff inside, I thought they looked pretty good!
So, thank you to the ladies who stitched these up years ago, and thank you to Denise for the little praying girl, and thank you to whomever donated the others to the thrift shops so that I could come in and find them and give them a new home!


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I used to love doing the crewel work Jiffy stitchery kits. They always turned out pretty. I had one large one that had various plants and ferns. I like the way yours look on pillows. All of the ones that I made so many years ago are right here in this house...but where, I have no idea, but I put them away really

Tina Dawn said...

I did so many of those little kits in the 70s and no longer have them. They were mostly of baskets and straw arrangements, not colorful, I guess I didn't like them much later. Oh well. I like that you enjoy these works by ladies now years later. Love T