Monday, January 29, 2018

Make Some Old-Fashioned Valentine Cards With A Kit

Who remembers making Valentine cards when we were kids?
I do.
And I think I may even have one or two around here someplace that I made!
 Does anyone do that anymore?
 Well, I was hoping somebody might want to when I put together these kits.
 My kits include stickers, paper, envelopes, heart doilies, Victoriana-style postcards, and a few color copies of vintage Valentines, plus a couple of tiny original vintage unused Valentines
and some vintage, unused Love postage stamps.

 Each kit varies just a little.
 Pink and red and white paper, and lacy heart-shaped paper doilies in a variety of sizes.......
They are available in my Etsy shop Cool Paisley Cat, and if you purchase one and let me know that you found it through my blog, I will throw in one of these vintage mechanical Valentine cards with your kit.
This offer is limited to the first four kits purchased, as I have a limited quantity available - and you must let me know.
(Please do not do so by leaving a comment on this post.)
 You can do this either by e-mailing me (click on my name HeidiAnn under "Contributors" in the right side margin of this blog page), or by adding a message when you make your purchase on Etsy.


Sunnyana said...

I absolutely LOVE this post! Yes, we used to make Valentines. Did your class also make big decorated envelopes at school for each person's Valentines? I saved mine for a long time but one of my biggest regrets is that years ago I evidently threw them all away, probably when I got my first apartment. Now I'm always on the look out for vintage store bought cards, etc. I have some sheets of the Victorian diecut hearts you show and also the Valentine garland.

Tina Dawn said...

Such a lovely idea, I hope you get some takers! I should do some when I am laid up from hip surgery but I really don't have a lot of lovers to give them to! I do remember fun at school and the valentines box. I maybe have a few saved little valentines but not homemade. Love T

Diane said...

Fun idea-- good luck!!