Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! And Another Calendar Goes Up ....

Happy New Year to you all!
And I do resolve to at least TRY to get more posts published this year!
Today I just wanted to share another calendar with you.
It's too fabulous not to share.
I  do LOVE my Susan Branch calendars, but here in this house we have calendars hanging in four or more rooms, so no, I do not have too many!
I was so happy to find that I did, indeed have a great vintage calendar that I can hang in our sunroom.
 I had used a wonderful vintage Charles Wysocki calendar in 2017 that was from 1972, and boy, was I sorry to see it go.
I didn't think I had one that would be the same calendar as 2018, but then I looked through my stash and I do!
1979 will do very nicely, thank you very much.
 So pretty - the artwork is a delight, as always:

It's pretty fabulous:
 Colorful and wonderful and Wysocki.....
 It's ALL good.
 Now, that's the way to start the New Year right, I believe.


Sunnyana said...

Liked your Susan Branch calendar yesterday but the Charles Wysocki is my all time favorite. Linda and I always got the new one every year for probably at least the last 35 years and probably longer. I still have all of mine and any that Linda had saved as well. There are so many other great calendars that I have a hard time deciding which ones to get for different rooms.

Tina Dawn said...

So great! That was the very month I started working at the Courthouse on Main Street. You just brought back a bunch of memories for me. Love T

Diane said...

Very nice! Believe it or not, the picture for January was on an old Xmas card. I know because it was in my collage paper stash. I'm pretty sure I used it or part of it a couple years ago.

Thimblehappy said...

Wonderful Wysocki never gets old. BTW, I've been meaning to tell you that I was so taken with your post about the coffee shop and Grandpa's Cellar (?) in Camino that a friend and I retraced your steps and had a ball. Got some Christmas shopping done, too. Thanks for the inspiration! ~Mary