Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Glow Tree

I'd love to find a little tree like this one from an advertisement in magazine from 1951. I have a small collection of glow -in-the-dark icicles, snowflakes and stars, and I like to decorate a small tree with as many as will fit.
But you should see what my sister does! I'm not sure if she is doing it this year, but she often decorates her entire Christmas tree in vintage glow-in-the-dark plastic ornaments. She must have hundreds of them, and her tree is literally dripping with them. It is so gorgeous, and you should see it glow once the lights are turned out! A sight to behold, indeed!


Annette said...

Hi there Hi Hi. I think I have thousands, not hundreds! Also my glow in the dark tree topper and garlands too. No, it isn't up this year. It takes days to get all those little things on there, not to mention the tree needs to be rather large. Sometimes I just can't manage it for the season. But I love it. I love your 1951 advertisement (I wonder why?). Also I love all of my other glow in the dark Christmas items, especially the 3D stars that I like to hang at each window. I started this collection because of the ones that we had as youngsters, but branched out. My favorites are still those snowflakes, icicles and stars that I remember from the early days. We love to turn off the lights at the end of the day and sit on the couch and watch the tree and all the other glowing decorations come to life by themselves. It makes it hard to go to bed (and I love going to bed!) I am enjoying all your wonderful photos. Oh, PS, I have that tree in your advertisement, and it is great that it is from 1951. Love Tina

KariVery said...

What would our chances be of getting a picture of that sometime? Sounds awesome! Maybe a better idea would be for me to come and visit and see it for myself sometime, huh? Merry Christmas!! K

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, Kari - I would love that so much that I can't even express it properly! Here's hoping!!