Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Vintage Christmas

This gorgeous framed postcard in it's vintage frame was a Christmas gift from my sister a number of years ago.

I liked this acrylic frame (even though it's not old) because of the deco look it has with it's arched, stepped sides. For the longest time, I tried to find the perfect picture or image to fit inside it. I was so happy to find this vintage card with it's silver and black details, and even an arched design - it seemed the perfect match!

And I just wanted to also include this photo- this is the living room in my mother-in-law's childhood home on December 25th, 1929!

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Annette said...

Of course I love the vintage deco frame, isn't it great?, and the acrylic frame with its great card, but to see the wonderful old photo from your mother-in-law was the icing on the Christmas cake. And, I forgot to say in the last post, I am so glad you like the vintage art deco deer cards in frame that I made for you. It makes my efforts worthwhile. Love T