Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday to Walt

The wonderful Mr. Walter Elias Disney was born on this day in 1901. Is it just me, or did we all kind of feel like he was another Grandpa? I truly felt a great sense of loss when he died. After all - he was in my living room with me every Sunday night, wasn't he? I loved him so much that I have this picture of him in one of my favorite vintage art deco frames sitting with my group of family pictures! ( The Santa hat was just for fun today)

On another note - we are finally going to get our tree later this morning. We used to always get it on December 1st, but I wasn't ready. I'm still not. So - I'm not even at this point yet:

And this is the point at which I aspire to be - soon!

Wish me luck!


Karen Jo said...

I'm wishing you luck!! I don't have my tree yet, and I'm NOT stressing (yeah, right).

Annette said...

When you are done will you please come and do mine? ha ha. Love T