Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fairies Have Long, Long Hair

Is that true?? I happen to have long, long hair myself, as well.

Why, yes! I can spell very well. Thank you for asking.

Oh - no, I'm afraid I cannot do any of those things. Alas, I suppose I do not have much in common with the fairies at all.
These lovely illustrations are from Queen Silver-Bell by Frances Hodgson Burnett. For some reason, my copy does not name the illustrator, but I believe it may have been Harrison Cady. Just another favorite - stories about fairies dancing over meadows and such.


Annette said...

I have three very old illustrated nasturtium fairy postcards from about 1910 or so (not sure). They are illustrated by Hester Margetson, Lorna Steele, and M. Sowerby. Also I have a copy of the Nasturtium flower fairy by Cicely Mary Barker. None of them have long long hair! I think the Barker and Margetson fairies are boys, but the others are definitely girls. Either they aren't real fairies (but they look like they are real to me) or all fairies don't have long, long hair. But since you have long, long hair and can spell, and I really think you could dance over a meadow if you wanted to, I know you have flown over a garden (in a plane or a jet) and I am sure you have floated over the water in a raft, boat, or canoe, I think you have everything in common with fairies, in fact, maybe you ARE one! Love T

Heidi Ann said...

Well, I suppose I COULD dance over a meadow at that! And I'd not thought about the fairies other abilities quite in the ways you mentioned. Maybe I am one, after all. Loving that.