Friday, January 18, 2008

One Of My Quilts

I was delighted to find 3 vintage quilts carefully packed away in a hall closet when we moved into this house. I'm not a quilter, and I know very little about them - only that I love them. I have this one on the bed in our guest room. Unfortunately, my husband isn't sure who made them, and there is no one left to tell us. He thinks it may have been his grandmother. I was excited to find the pattern shown below on ebay, and see that it appears to be the exact quilt we have. I THINK it's from the 1930's, but I'm not sure. So it's a Dresden Plate design. Okay. I just know it's gorgeous and bright, and I love it.

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Annette said...

I think I've slept under that quilt, and it is very lovely and warm. Your photos just keep getting better, the top one would make a great poster. Love T