Monday, January 7, 2008

Little Shelf O' Sweetness

Just wanted to show you a shelf that holds a collection of pretty little things I like. Some old, some new, some Disney, some Mary Engelbreit. I really do kind of have Too Much Stuff, and a tendency to sort of gather as much in a display as I possibly can. Somehow, while others may not , I end up liking the way it all looks together, and I have such a reluctance to part with things. Perhaps I need counseling - surely someone could tell me why I want to hold on to everything! Does it matter? I'm not sure that I would listen to what they told me anyway. I'd probably say "Yeah, yeah....okay", and then wander off to the nearest thrift shop or antique mall. Old habits and all that, you know.

More stuff - this time in the kitchen window. The Mary Engelbreit vase and the cup, saucer, sugar bowl and creamer in the other photo were all gifts from a dear friend. I had to find places for all of them! The pink and yellow floral design fits in with a lot of the other things in the window. This old house has some problems, but I do love the original tile in the kitchen - countertops, back splash and corner window ledge above the sink.
And one more picture, below, this one with three lovely vintage enameled flower pins I found last year, and an adorable vintage "Congratulations On Your New House" greeting card that opens up from it's folded state be the sweetest little paper house. I think I would like to try to make something similar. See the little black kitty waiting at the door?

Too cute.


Annette said...

I love all your shelves and the goodies on them. I was glad to see your post, I was having GCG withdrawals. Love T

Karen Jo said...

I especially love your kitchen window!