Thursday, February 5, 2009

Laundry Day

The following images are cards and a photo that I framed to hang in our laundry room. This first one cracks me up. I think I'm one of the lucky ones- my husband actually does his own laundry, and I do mine. That's what works for us!
This is my favorite - a photo of my husband's maternal grandmother, standing proudly next to her new washing machine in Hanford, California:
This one is a card I bought years ago. I love this colorized image of these busy women:
This one is a card, too - I've had it a long time, as well. This lady has the right idea - iron a little, read a magazine, iron a little more, read another!
I don't have a regular laundry day. I do it when I need to or feel like it, whichever comes first. How about you?


yosemite faith said...

we both do laundry in our household - living in my grandmas house - i always think of her wringer washer and clothesline! she also had a barrel by the back door to catch the rain water - they (and we) have our own well so she needed 'softer' water to wash her hair in (which reached her butt). she would always take her midday break with the art linkletter show and unbraid her hair and comb it and rebraid - she loved the part of the show with kids say the darndest things. she really only watched 2 other shows besides art - lawrence welk show and a evangilist show - rex humbard.

Celestial Charms said...

Love those laundry photos. Especially of the man attempting to do his. My hubby doesn't do laundry. He always says, "You need to show me how to use that machine." The problem is he attempts to do it so infrequently, that he never remembers how to operate the machine. Now, I can't wait until my children are tall enough to reach the dials and handle the detergent. As for when I do my laundry...when the dirty clothes pile on top of the washer and dryer start to topple over. Then I start a load, only because I don't want to fall over it. I really dislike doing laundry. I much prefer washing dishes!

Deanna said...

I sure do love your pictures. I'm not sure if I told you that I have a Ladies Home Journal from 1952? I need to take pictures of the ads that are in there. They are so delightful. The art is so beautiful.
Deanna :I

Debra said...

A load a day keeps the laundry at bay!

Anonymous said...

This post reminds me of my mom. I was born in 1965 and she still had a ringer washer. I can see her at the ironing board with the pop bottle with sprout stuck in the top, as in the bottom photo.

Thanks for the memories.

The photos are beautiful.

I do all the laundry. Just bought a new Speed Queen top loader washer--bought it becuase it's good, but it has a nostalgic feel to it.


Holly said...

The reading lady has it right! I wash a load a day. It's just part of my morning routine.

Annette said...

My DH does his own, I do my own. It works great. I do mine when the laundry hamper is full, usually, or if my favorite pants are dirty, whichever comes first. I love to iron if there is a great old movie on, then I get a lot done. Otherwise I iron as needed. When I was working that was about every morning. I don't like anything in a wrinkly state, but if I am just around the house an unironed but well folded tshirt is okay. Otherwise I iron those too! My dream would be to have an ironing board and iron in a drop down wall cabinet that is near a TV set. That doesn't take up as much room as the regular kind and my cat wouldn't sharpen her claws on the ironing board pad. She is a bad kitty. Love T

Pearl said...

Wonderful Laundry art... I like the first one best, too!

My husband does the laundry. He washes his work clothes daily. Then he does his, mine, and our youngest son's when the need arises... usually every 4th day or so. Our oldest son does his own laundry. When my health allows, I will fold towels, t-shirts, etc.

I have fond memories of my Mom doing laundry and ironing... She was the Queen of Ironing, I think! When I was little, one Christmas I got my own Pink metal ironing board with an electric iron! Ohhhhh... I was beyond thrilled, and Mom always set mine up with hers and let me iron Daddy's handkerchiefs and the pillowcases... She also kept a clear glass soda bottle filled with water on her ironing board. It had a cork and metal top that made me think of a sprinkler... she used that to "mist" some items before pressing them. I was allowed to use it, too. She always made me feel so special and like I was doing her the biggest favor in the world by "helping" her iron... Thanks for a thought-provoking post...


Please stop by when you get a chance, as I just put up a post with some more Vintage Valentine's

Missa said...

What an excellent way to decorate a laundry room! We have the same system, my husband does his laundry and I do mine and Clover's but not on any set schedule.