Saturday, June 6, 2009

At The Kitchen Sink

I'm just curious - what do you have at YOUR kitchen sink that you use daily?
Tuffy scrubbers have been my favorite for a very long time. For years, I ALWAYS had one at my sink. Then they just disappeared from the supermarket. I looked every single time I went to a new store. Couldn't find them at all for a long time. Then recently, when I was wandering around in Rite-Aid killing time waiting for a prescription - I spotted them! I bought three. My husband went back later and got three more. Every other nylon scrubber I had found was crap. They fell apart. Tuffy lasts a long time- rinses clean, doesn't scratch. Have I convinced you yet? I love 'em.

Do you like a certain type of dishwashing soap?
Surprisingly, I'm not real picky about that. We probably buy Dawn or Palmolive most often. I like yellow and green because they look good in my soap dispenser!
I am NOT a sponge fan. I think they're icky. Especially if they aren't allowed to dry out between uses. They get stained and they smell. I don't like using them at all. I don't like touching them.
We always have some cleanser handy, as well. We have an OLD sink that stains very easily, so I must be vigilant about scrubbing it. Most of the time, we have both Bon Ami and Comet on hand.

Do you use a dishcloth? I do, but not to wipe up really messy stuff. I use a paper towel for that. I just swipe the counter with mine and wring it out and rinse it - so it can dry. And I change them often- because I don't like it when they get smelly, either. Gross. I remember when the only kind you could really find (years ago) were like this one on the right, below -minus the pretty crocheted edging. Also, there were the more open-weaved type - we sewed them together and made drawstring bags to hold our camp dishes at Girl Scout Camp in the summer. You could wash them in the bag, and hang it up on the line to drip dry. Did you ever do that?
Quite awhile back, I switched my every day dish towels to ONLY darker colors - blue, green, etc. That way, if they do get stained, you don't really notice it. Because those get used A LOT.
I would only use pretty vintage ones like the one below occasionally for drying dishes.
I do enjoy displaying them, though!
So, how about you? Any favorites or preferences?? Share, please!


yosemite faith said...

first off - dawn blue or green is better when making your own bubble solution - other than that i do not have a preference. we also use comet or bonami cleansers too. i agree tuffy is the best and hard to find -we do have rite aids in michigan so i will check it out. most all of those types of things are crap. i like dark dish towels too - but i started using them (okay it was a while back - like in the late 80's) when were in yosemite and i did not want stains that would never come out! never went to GSA camp but what a great idea.

Annette said...

I like all the stuff you have, I wish you had shown a photo of your soap dispenser! Love those tuffy scrubbers, maybe I will find one at RiteAid. I have a sponge-type thing that I bought at a kitchen store that is covered with a cloth and is washable and I like it except the inside keeps getting all twisted and bunched up but it is still better and cleaner and less slimy than a sponge for wiping the counter. I use Dawn usually, it seems to work great with our hard water. I also have bottle brushes to clean my hummingbird feeders, they are a complete necessity. In fact I'd better go do that right now, the hummingbirds will be attacking the windows a la "the Birds" soon if I don't. Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love that old commercial for Palmalive. My favorites are Dawn, Comet and my knitted dishcloths. I am going to have to go on a Tuffy hunt though. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a fun post, I always enjoy knowing what every-day items are part of the lives of the bloggers I follow.

At the moment at my kitchen sink you'll find an Umbra brand black "Joey" soap dispenser filled with Palmolive Pure and Clean soap (I'm really sensitive to dyes and harsh chemicals so was delighted when this dye and scent free soap hit the shelves), a washcloth (much like the one you showed - I was a Girl Guide here in Canada and definitely remember sewing camp kitchen kit bags from them, too :D), a small, good quality sponge, some practical, absorbent dish towels, and a little container of hand cream so that I can moisturize my hands after doing the washing up.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
♥ Jessica

Anthony said...

I, too, think sponges are gross! Just think about all of the bacteria that lives inside of them...
As far as cleaning products and such, we're not really loyal to certain brands. They change periodically. But I can tell you what's under the sink, right now:

Comet - For scrubbing and keeping that sink basin sparkling clean.

Cascade w/Dawn Action Pacs - Those are the little square pouches filled with concentrated cleaning power that go in the dishwasher. And we got the Cinnamon Apple Spice scented ones!

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes - I love those things! They're the ones that come in the round tub and are pre-moistened with Lysol cleaner. They even have patented Micro-Lock fibers AND kill the Flu virus! Take that, sponges!

My favorite old ad that you've shared is the one for "Joy in a bottle". I guess that was a novelty back then?
Well, anyway, that's MY kitchen sink report.

barbara said...

All work screams to a halt if we can't find this little hard-plastic scraper gizmo. It's about 2 inches square, almost like the head of a spatula, except not as flexible. My husband and I can't clean up without one. And the only thing other than coffee that I'd drive to the store in the middle of a snowstorm for is dishwasher soap. So I guess that's the other thing I've gotta have at my sink! Wonderful towel, by the way!