Friday, June 12, 2009

Polly Put The Kettle On

Polly put the kettle on, we'll all have tea! One of my favorite Mother Goose nursery rhymes - here is a page out of one of my old song books. Cute!
I have always loved the vintage Hallmark cards in the "Dolls From the Land of Make Believe" series. This page, below, is from my book about Hallmark cards that I wrote about in this post:

I have never had one, so I was delighted to find this one at an antiques shop in Angels Camp. The front:
..and the back:
My name may not be Polly, but I do put the kettle on - every morning - for my tea. I switched to tea from coffee for the sole reason that coffee the way I like it was costing me at least three Weight Watchers Points every morning, and drinking two cups of tea only costs me half a point. I don't get all that many points per day, and I just couldn't spend them on coffee. I miss my coffee, but I am making do for now.
So, the tea kettle whistles for me.
"You know how to whistle, don't you..?"


jungle dream pagoda said...

So often I wish for a time machine......not to escape catastrophe....but to go in a dime store and have a 1000 dollar shopping spree of goodies! I would buy all of these cards and if it were at X-mas time I would buy so many crazy X-mas goodies!!!

yosemite faith said...

love the card you found in angels camp!!!!! i gave up coffee too - mainly because the it gives me the jags really bad. i miss it too. i can't remember - do you have most (or all) of the cards in the set?

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Faith, nope - the only card I have like those is the Polly one I found recently. Perhaps I will get lucky and find more some day.

Annette said...

I love your Hallmark card! How adorably cute it is. I hope you find all the cards to the set. My first nasturtium of my collection is a little Hallmark wall plaque that is plastic and has what looks like a Hallmark card inside with nasturtiums on a trellis, how I would love to find it as a card, if it exists. I want to come over and look at your Hallmark book! Wonderful post. I love to have tea and don't have it enough. I used to make a pot of tea in the evening after work and drink it, sometimes sharing with DH. No points for me for either tea or coffee since I take both black. I thank Mother for that, she told me if I learned to drink my coffee black it would have no calories and would always be something I would like that didn't make me gain weight. I learned to LOVE it black and strong, and she was right. If at a loss, turning down someones great dessert because I am on Weight Watchers, I can always say, "I'll just have a cup of your great coffee", and I don't insult the hostess. Super post as usual. Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Those cards are so cute. Lindsey found the Cinderella one in an antique store. I love that song sheet too! Those old illustrations are so darling. Twyla

Anthony said...

The picture on that first one looks kind of like an actual photograph, is it?

I'd never heard of this nursery rhyme, or at least I can't remember it! Polly's cute. Especially, as a greeting card.

I just can't get enough of vintage illustrations, and the ones for children are definitely BEST!

polka dot rose said...

heidi ann,
my sisters and i have been doing weight watchers together for about a month, so that is another thing you and i have in common!
i am so addicted to BOTH coffee and tea (tea in the a.m and coffee while i am in the shop or making my rounds) and i can't drink either without half and half. you are uses up precious points! coke, maybe?
love the 'polly card'~ too cute!

Debra said...

Just put your lips together and blow. Is that right?

Heidi Ann said...

That's right - you got it, Deb!