Sunday, November 8, 2009

Autumn Leaves

I found some pretty images featuring leaves in my vintage magazines, and I just felt like sharing them.
The leaves of autumn can be so beautiful! Perhaps you enjoy walking through them down a country lane....
Or maybe you're a bird watcher?

But then, when you have to rake them, they truly seem never-ending, don't they? These little girls probably didn't have to worry about that - Daddy or their older brother more likely did that chore:
If you don't have enough of them outside, then how about a carpet of them inside, as well?
And you can even use them to decorate your table:

I like that simple but pretty setting, don't you?
(The artwork in the first illustration appears to be signed by Bowles - I am sorry I could not find any additional information nor the first name of the artist. No name on the second illustration that I can see. I try to give credit to the wonderful artists when I am able!)


Jennifer D said...

Pretty post. We didn't get much for fall colors this year... got too cold too fast...straight to brown. :O(

yosemite faith said...

my mom handpainted a set of dishes for me before she passed away and it is with autumn leaves! autumn is such a great time of year - cool and crisp or sometime bright with indian summer.

Mid Century Madam said...

I love the beautiful little orange-red tree that is popping out of the hedge in your front yard. I think it is saying, "Hey, look at me, I am the most beautiful tree around, even if I am small."

Anthony said...

Great post for the season, Heidi!

For some reason, my fave of these images is the most UNnatural one of the bunch... It's the leafy carpet shot, with what I think we're to assume is a dad and his daughter? Anyway, I just love the dream-like quality of that scene! The girl in her little pink night gown jumping out of bed and running for her daddy. And it's kind of foggy in the background, like they were going for a dreamy feel with it.

I'm guessing that it must have been some sort of advertising for a carpet brand, am I right?

Tina Dawn said...

Great picks Heidi. I agree with Anthony about the carpet scene. It has a very realistic feel to me in spite of it's dreaminess, and makes me want to write a story about it. Love T

Heidi Ann said...

Anthony - Yes, and if I remember correctly, it was actually an ad for carpet in general , rather than a specific brand - you know, "carpet your home for the ultimate comfort underfoot" - something like that (channeling my inner Mad Men ad exec wannabe!)