Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Finds

Just a few more things I've found recently. Great artwork on this Saturday Evening Post cover from 1933. Looks like a "Miner 49er" to me!
Sweet vintage cookie jar, I call it the Happy Train. You'd be happy, too if you were filled with cookies!
Unfortunately, the lid on this one has obvious repairs. Oh, well- still cute!

I found some more Rubbermaid dish racks. A large yellow one, and two other pink ones to go with this one.
Also, two restaurant china platters in great shape. I can't pass up great restaurant china!
I love this turkey napkin holder, and the cornucopia table runner was a quarter! And I found a stacked set of yellow cups, a gold creamer, some little brooms, and another lovely platter:

I love this sweater in a gorgeous robin's egg blue color:
And one more sweater, just right for fall, from J. Jill.
And two more LP's - found a Herb Alpert one I didn't have!
And a "Great One" with Jackie Gleason's picture on the cover. I already had one or two of his albums - but not one with his photo on it. I'm so pleased when they have the plastic covering still there, having kept the album cover in wonderful condition! I have VERY fond memories of watching his show with Daddy - it was one of his favorites:

Always looking, always happy to find good deals!


yosemite faith said...

more finds is so right!!! you go heidi....

Debra said...

It was one of my dad's favorite shows too. And I used to watch it every week with him. And away we go!!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

It's always fun to see what you find! I have very fond memories of watching the Jackie Gleason show. I forgot that he sang, too! Twyla