Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Love Frog And Toad

These are a fabulous series of books about Frog And Toad, who are friends. Arnold Lobel really hit a home run when he wrote and illustrated these delightful volumes. In the beginning, there was "Frog And Toad Are Friends", 1970:

I fell in love with his characters when I saw this story, "Cookies", published in Woman's Day Magazine in 1971. I don't know if you are familiar with the story, but Toad has a little problem with willpower. ( Just a bit of personal information: I AM Toad. His struggle is my struggle).

"Cookies" is from this book - "Frog And Toad Together", 1971:

"Frog And Toad All Year", 1976:

"Days With Frog And Toad", 1979:

If you are not familiar with these delightful collections of stories, please check them out.
They're not just for children, you know!


yosemite faith said...

those books look so sweet - i love the artwork! another nice collection the way - tina is in my thoughts and i hope her recovery continues!

Lorlore said...

I love the frog and toad books!!! I'm going to read them to my grandson very soon!!!!

Tikimama said...

I had one of these as a kid (still have it, of course!). Love these stories, and love Arnold Lobel. There is such a sweet simplicity to children's books like these, they just make me feel calm and happy. Now I'm going to be on the lookout for all of the series!

Heidi said...

I had one book as a kid (the one with the Button story) and I've read them all to my daughter! They're classics.

Tina Dawn said...

I think Frog and Toad live in Kelsey at my house! Toad has a nice hole in the clay soil with leaves all over the top of it and Frog likes to stay in various plant pots depending on his mood. I haven't found a stash of cookies though. Love T

Dixie said...

Love, love the Frog and Toad books. I wore them out reading them to my daughters back in the 1980s. Can't wait to have grandchildren some day to read them to again!