Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Luna's Post

Good morning human persons. I am Gold Country Sister Tina's cat Luna. You met my brother Chessie last week, so now it is my turn. You can see how lovely I am. I am in my prime at five years old, don't you think? I like to pose near anything blue, it brings out my eyes.
I was born in Garden Valley on the Georgetown Divide. I have a cute story around my adoption by my human family, too, just like Cheshire Cat. (Well maybe it isn't so cute having to have a bath in the kitchen sink...) My Mom Tina wanted to have another cat, because not long before I was born my older sister VW had passed away while my Mom was holding her. She was pretty old, so it was her time. Anyway, my Mom wanted another cat, but she thought maybe her husband, my now Dad, wouldn't be so happy about it. So she thought she would bring me home while he was gone away on a backpacking trip, and then when he got home just kind of let it be a done thing. Only the problem was, he didn't leave on Friday night like he was going to. So I got secreted up the stairs and into the bedroom and I was trying to be really quiet so he wouldn't notice me and be mad. All was going pretty well until all of a sudden, he confronted my Mom and stated with great fortitude "You are hiding a kitten from me aren't you???" The gig was up as they say. Anyway, I was so tiny and adorable he didn't get too mad, and luckily for them I got to stay and make my home here in Kelsey.
I really like cuddling up on a nice unmade bed with lots of pretty colored blankets and throws to show off my coloring. When I really want a good sleep, though, I like to push my way under a blanket or a pillow or a bathrobe or anything like that and sleep in the dark. The only problem with that is sometimes I get sat upon. Not for very long though...
I am a mighty hunter, and like to spend time outside with the gophers and mice and rats and lizards, and when I am done I bring my catch up to the mat outside this screen door, and show it off. Just this evening I brought a present for my Mom, a really dainty little mouse. She is always really proud of me, and let's me know with lots of loving and always calls me her "pretty girl".
After all that praise I like to come into the house for a bit, and then I go back out and eat my catch. My Mom doesn't ever want to eat it, which I don't understand because she likes chicken and fish and so on, but not the little fresh things I catch with hair and tails. I don't want all my hard work going to waste. When I was really really little my Mom's friend Denise used to think that a hawk or an eagle was going to fly off with me, but fortunately that never did happen. They wouldn't try it now, because I am a good eater and I would be too heavy. But I am NOT fat. After I get done with my meal I like to sit in the same window that Chessie sometimes sits in, and I clean myself off well so that I stay adorable, and watch the birds and sometimes knock stuff over just so everyone knows I am in charge, and then I snuggle under something or on top of someone for a nap.
Then later Chessie and I will both go out for a romp outside, but as you can see, we like to go our separate ways.


Heidi Ann said...

I love your beautiful kitties, and I do so wish that they would let me hold and pet them when I come for a visit!
I loved your post, and Luna's story.

yosemite faith said...

what great blue eyes! you have a great cat household. love your stories and adore all the pictures!

Debra said...

I loved Luna's story as well. I feel like we're friends now. I wonder if Luna would feel the same?

Anthony said...

Wow, Tina, your little Luna is quite expressive! And obviously very talented in order to type out her story like that... ;)

Verrry cute post! The pics are delightful, too! You've made me smile, and really, really want a cat again!