Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Front Porch Musing

Good morning. Tina here. Summer here. Yippee! The hummingbirds are very happy, as you can see. Maybe she is admiring my front porch. It isn't big, it isn't decorated, but it has a great view and is very cozy and private, and it's my sanctuary.
My front porch didn't get a lot of use this past winter or spring. It faces mainly West and a bit South and when the storms come, it is like the bridge of a ship, with waves splashing up and over the deck, water attempting to enter the portholes. Our lovely wooden settee, lovingly made by our Uncle for Christmas about 15 years ago, with cushions from my much-loved, now gone couch and loveseat set from J. C. Penney from almost 30 years ago, is usually too soaked to settle onto.

But not last weekend. I settled on the settee in my brightly crewel-embroidered dress from Mexico, to enjoy the early afternoon and see what I could see. The hummingbird in the first photo tried several times to buzz me, she was very interested in my flowers. Sorry, no nectar here, honey!

Robbi came to the front door screen. He doesn't understand the lure of the front porch. For him, it's either inside or out. There is no in between.

The steps beckon, but I don't use them. I just kick back and smell the roses, and watch the rafters in the river.

Our porch is a good place to watch the sunset, chat with a friend, sip a cup of coffee, read a book.

Due to the inclement weather, I never got around to replanting my potted flowers out on the porch. The snapdragons from last year didn't care, they are blooming away, scraggly and top-heavy, colorful and bright. A few morning glories, self-seeded, are popping up around them. Now I guess I will have to leave them as they are. Nature again takes over.

If I don't want to stretch out a bit on the settee, I can place my bum on my old metal chippy chair with its faded barkcloth cushions (I'd like to see you try to stay bright and fresh out in the weather constantly!) and rock a while.

It is fun to watch the shadow patterns of the railing as the sun moves slowly toward its nightly bed in the West.

Saturday was a busy day for the rafters and kayakers on the river. I think they had been waiting since last September for a hot day. At times I could count at least 11 rafts rounding the big bend from Chili Bar, or pulled over to the edge for a short break. I have tried waving but for some reason they never wave back. But I wonder, do they see the green house on the ridge, and think, I wish I lived there?

I have a few little statues on the railing, one is a gold miner, growing a bit moldy in the creases over the years, kind of like me.

Settled back, sideways on the settee, with a book and an iced tea, enjoying the shade (which I lose about 2 pm.)

Yes there is a lot of yard work to be done, plants to water, I don't care.

My wrought iron dragonfly lantern, which should be hung up on the wall sideways in a perfect world, constantly surveys his domain.

Excuse me while I nod off for a while.

If you snore loudly on the front porch, and there is no one to hear except the hummingbirds, do you make a sound?

Okay I'm awake now, and I guess it is time to actually do something. I think I will pick some lavender and hang it up to dry from the railing. That shouldn't be too strenuous.

Come and sit on my front porch when you need a breather. It is guaranteed to calm you down.


Heidi Ann said...

I'll be there....soon.
It may be too hot for me on the porch, though.

lorlore said...

It is going to cool a bit for your visit, so maybe you, too, can enjoy the front porch!!!!!

farmlady said...

You need to pull an extra chair out because I just may come over some morning.... but I will wait until it cools a little.
It's broke the 100 degree mark, here in Jackson, today and I'm cranky already.
What a beautiful place you have and your view is very similar to ours only we don't see the river (the Mokelumne) from our front porch. I would like that.
Very nice post. Cute dog.

yosemite faith said...

i love porches. how cool that you can see the rafters....i would love to watch them while i am being lazy. love the photos!