Monday, June 20, 2011

Lori's Recent Thrift Finds

Some goodies from a recent 1/2 day spent thrifting; a pretty Whitman's chocolate tin and a pink dresser box:

A nice little Daher tin, large pink and coral knitting needles, and a whole bag of cotton thread:

Some pretty calico ribbon, a chafing dish cookbook, and an old cheese grater:

An embroidery hoop and lots of little wooden bits and pieces for crafts:

Some vintage crochet and knitting instruction booklets:

A few vintage school reader books (I love the covers on these!)

An embroidered dresser scarf, pretty place cards, and a sweet little vintage plaque with hooks :

That's it - until next time - which could be soon; yard sales are plentiful this time of year!


Tina Dawn said...

I am missing my garage sale-ing and thrift sale-ing, it has been hard without a car and trying to get out and about with a cane. But I get some once in a while. All great finds! I especially like your school readers (I have a collection of old California school books packed away) and your Dutch boy plaque. Love T

la vita รจ bella (life is beautiful) said...

Great finds!! I especially love the Whitman's tin & the pink dresser box. You can find some really cool stuff thrifting!

yosemite faith said...

ahh lori - great job - you gold country girls really have the 'knack'. love seeing what y'all find.

Anonymous said...

Love those school books - I'm pretty sure I had a couple of them during the late 1950's in La Mirada, CA.