Sunday, July 17, 2011

And Still More Thrift Finds

I wanted to share with you today some more of the things I have recently discovered on my "thrifting" adventures.
A gorgeous original painting (signed "Hinz"), a Counterpoint tin canister for my collection, sweet vintage coffee cup, a white double candle holder, and a flower power frame that I simply couldn't pass up, even though I usually prefer vintage (I love it!):

A cute painted shelf/peg rack combo, more vintage cups, another vintage candle holder, rooster trivet, and a very long curtain panel that was marked as a tablecloth - and actually would make a very nice cover for an huge banquet or buffet table in the fall, for Thanksgiving, perhaps?
A sweet little set of aqua napkins embroidered with cherries:

Handmade pottery bowls, a set of eight "Made In Italy" straw tumbler holders, a pair of straw trivet mats, colorful enamelware bowl, and beneath it all, a bright floral pillowcase:
Some vintage boxed games purchased solely because I liked the graphics on their game boards:

Two adorable painted wooden birthday cake decorations:
Three sweet vintage coat hangers, and one that is new but begged to be included:
And yet one more pretty little mug:

That's it for today - with, hopefully more on the horizon.


Mom Walds Place said...

It is great vintage finds like yours that tempt me to change the entire color scheme of my blue and white kitchen to ORANGE.

Tina Dawn said...

Great finds, and yes, there are always more out there! Love T

Heidi Ann said...

Mom Wald - Oh, believe me, I understand! I am SO totally love orange right now! (As may be evidenced by things I am showing/writing about here, lately!)

delia hornbook said...

What lovely finds ;-) My favourite has to be the vintage canister and that flower picture is just beautiful, dee x

Heidi Ann said...

Dee - I think the canister and the painting may be my favorites, also!!

yosemite faith said...

traverse city touts itself as the cherry capitol of the world so i love those napkins with the cherries in the corner. as always, post full of winners.