Friday, July 15, 2011

A Place To Sew

Whether you have a special, dedicated area or even an entire "sewing room", or just a place as simple as a table with your sewing machine sitting on it, I hope you enjoy seeing all of these sewing spaces today:
The ones above and below are pretty nifty, with their fold-down tables, and the fact that you can close it all up inside the closet when you're not working:

A laundry/sewing room combo-in-a-corner:
Or, perhaps you have room for your table in a guest room?
Or maybe in the den - do you see my colorful little Counterpoint boxes on those shelves? LOVE them! And I want that little lady on the shelf in the corner, below:
A couple more that are not quite as colorful nor as interesting as the others shown above, and yet - still, a nice space in which to sew:
The one below also tucks away a hidden laundry area, and also a TV (we have a phone just like that!):

Seeing all of the things that some of my favorite talented bloggers create while seated at their sewing tables inspires me to want to learn more, and do better.
Do you sew? What's your "space" like?


delia hornbook said...

oohh great creative spaces and so wonderful and colourful. I don't have a sewing room i sat at my little red formica kitchen table with my machine and sew but its nice there with the back door open and the radio on ;-)) dee x

Tina Dawn said...

Oh boy, right now it is my dining room table, and I don't want it there! I am now hoping for room in the guest room. Someday in the room over the garage, if hubby ever finishes it. It has been never-never-land for so long it is hard to imagine it done and me sewing in it! I guess dreams are a good thing. Love T

farmlady said...

Oh Boy! I'm doing the Tina Dawn dance right now. My sewing machine is on the ONLY dining table we have and that we eat at all the time.
So it stays there as long as my husband can stand looking at it while he eats and then I put it away.
Company... put it away. Bring it out. Sew. Gets messy. Clean up and put it away. Take it out. I don't use it for a few days... husband complains. I put it away.
Would I like any of these set ups in your photos. Oh, yes I would.

yosemite faith said...

still haven't unpacked or set up my sewing machine since moving to michigan. always have wanted a sewing room.