Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Past is Present in Camino, California

Good morning. Tina here. I am not feeling exactly like a font of information this morning, nor am I in a musing or poetry spouting mode. But I do have some great photos of Camino, California that I got at the County Museum last Sunday when I was there for my volunteering stint. So I will share those with you without much comment, if you don't mind.
Highway 50 once went right through the middle of Camino. It was a slower world then, thank goodness!

Camino still looks very much the same as you drive through on what is now Carson Road.

Yes, they still get a nice heaping of snow. This is the old Camino Hotel.

The hotel again. Load up that wagon, tote that bale!

I went to high school with a member of the Barrett family. They have been a fixture in Camino for a long time.

Camino is an old lumber town, and many of the little homes along the side of the road were built for the employees.

Bring your car in and they will tune up your motor and pump you some gas. Don't ask them to check your onboard computer though.

The road through town curves a bit as it heads past the store.

Tall pines still mark the sides of the road.

My son lived in a little wooden house in Camino for a year, he got very tired of the snow. Luckily he had moved by this past winter, it was really a bear!

Wide roads mean more work for the snowplow!

The snow looks rather refreshing now, looking back on it from July.

Old homes tucked into the fields, apple trees growing everywhere now, I wonder what they grew here back then?

Nice big porch to watch the snowfall from, or listen to the frogs in the spring.

Good, the plow made its way through and we can get there from here.

There must have been a real sense of community in Camino, people living and working together.

Railroad crossing ahead, a train full of lumber coming through.

The Antler's Club was a fixture into the 1980s. We once were members of a food co-op and we used their room to split up our bags of grain and large chunks of cheese. It was a lot of fun!

I believe this old place is still visible from Snow's Road. It needs a facelift.

I went to school with Rotiers and Davenports also.

Sargents too. I guess if a place is a good place to live, the families stay around for a while.

These places across from the store and post office are a little changed, but still exist.

This is a Bosquit house, there is also a larger Bosquit home in Placerville on Bedford Avenue.

We are going to leave Camino now, the snow is getting a bit too high. We will come back again someday with some history when I am feeling more chatty.


Heidi Ann said...

What great old photos! I love it when you do posts like this - no need to be witty or clever - the pictures do most of the talking, right? Neat post, T.

farmlady said...

Love all these photos. I think that I have driven by Camino on highway 50 but never have seen the town.
You have the biggest collection of a small town that I've ever seen.
Nice post....

yosemite faith said...

i love when you do these posts, as well. i have never been to camino, love love love all the old photos.