Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Couple of Favorite Gifts - And A Few More Pages To Share

Lori gave me this vintage Counterpoint owl key rack for my birthday.
She found it at a church sale.
She knew I would love it!
She was SO right. Thanks, Lor!
I also wanted to share a few more pages from the Charles Schulz book I showed you the other day.
So - I did have a pretty nice birthday. Mr Schulz said, "Happiness is lots of candles." 
 A cake for me would require lots of candles  these days - but you know what they say, right? They say, "It sure beats the alternative". Yep, I have a tendency to agree.
And what about "Happiness is getting together with your friends"?
 Snoopy's got the right idea....
I got to go see my friend Heidi on my birthday (she is at home recovering from surgery on her leg), and this is one of my favorite gifts she gave me - a super-cool cookbook, "Hello Jell-O!", by Victoria Belanger:
 Check out this "Classic Rainbow Mold". Gorgeous!
Lots of candles and getting together with for me!

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Tina Dawn said...

Sorry you haven't gotten the presents from me yet to see or to share! At least it will make your birthday last longer to wait. LOL. Love T