Friday, October 18, 2013

Costumes In Columbia

These pictures were from the California Admission Day parade last month. I forgot to post them then, so how about I do so just to show you the costumes - or rather, some of the "period attire" that we who work in the town, along with the volunteer docents, wear?
They all look so nice, don't they?
The couple below were guests of the City Hotel recently. They simply love to come and visit the town and dress up in their vintage clothing:
They looked so great that I just had to snap a picture!


Tina Dawn said...

I love seeing everyone's costumes, especially since I just finished one of my own! It is really interesting to see the fabric choices and various dress patterns. I would like to study each one. I do admire the customers who dress up. Those outfits are WARM! Lots of material there to heat you up. Love T

Laurel Shimer (Enchanted By Sewing Podcast) said...

You make me wish I'd been there.