Thursday, February 8, 2018

Patterns From The Past: Simplicity 7456 A Cute Little Hand-Me-Down Dress & Shorts

Today's vintage pattern is Simplicity number 7456:
You could choose the dress alone, with or without pockets, or you could make the version with the epaulets at the shoulder, and the matching shorts to go underneath:
My sister Lori chose the latter version when she made this for herself back in 1967 or so.
 I'm sorry this photo, below is not a very good one - but I simply had to share it because she is wearing her dress!
The epaulets and pockets (and I think, maybe the shorts?) were a solid bright green, which matched the green in the adorable print fabric.
 That's me in the hat, and we are with our Mother.
I was delighted when Lori outgrew the cute outfit, because then it came to me!
And I am pretty sure I loved it as much as she did.
I mean, I remember wearing it until it simply didn't fit anymore, or it was falling apart - or maybe kind of both.
I even chose to wear it on class picture day, as you can see in my last photo, here:
And that talented little seamstress , whom I used to PAY to sew for me, because she could whip things up, while I seemed to spend agonizing hours at the sewing machine, making mistakes?
She happens to be celebrating a birthday today.
And I am headed over to see her, and my sister Tina, too!
Happy Birthday, Lori!!


Tina Dawn said...

Happy birthday Lori! Cute outfit! I am not sure but in the photo you three might be seeing me off at the airport on one of my flights to go see cousin Elaine (Possibly?) I like that fabric too! Love T

lorlore said...

Oh my goodness!! Not so sure I remember sewing that one, but I did sew an awful lot back then! Thank you to our local 4-H club & my Sewing Leader for the instruction I had!!! I kept up sewing through the 70's and when my Daughter was young in the 80's. Just now planning to craft with my sewing machine again soon!!!!

Diane said...

Great story and photos! Happy (belated) birthday, Lori!