Sunday, February 25, 2018

"Plant Stand" A Sunset Stitchery Picture

Today's post is about this particular vintage Sunset Stitchery kit, "Plant Stand":
I found a framed version of this particular crewel stitchery at a thrift store a while back.
I probably posted a picture of it in a previous post.
What I find interesting is that the person who stitched it changed it up a bit.
I like that they "did their own thing"; I simply haven't particularly noticed that having been the case on any others I've come across.
You can see quite a few differences in the flowers, the plant stand, the pots, etc.
Here again, the picture on the front of the kit (which dates from 1977):
The person who did mine did not WANT pink flowers, apparently. And they didn't want to do the fern fronds, either.
Hey, I don't have any problem with that!
Here are the yarn colors that were provided with the kit at the time:
 OH! And I was pretty tickled to see this very same stitchery hanging on the wall on the set of "That 70's Show", when I was watching a couple of episodes last week! I thought that was kind of cool, actually!
 I was like "Hey - that's my stitchery I was going to write about!".
 It was in Kitty and Red's bedroom, as I recall.
 I was unable to find a single picture online of it in the TV show.
And believe me, I tried!

I happen to love the idea of taking a kit and just completely going crazy with color changes, as a matter of fact!
But I haven't done any crewel stitchery in a very, very long time.
(If I do any, I'll let you know, okay?  Yes with photos for proof, LOL!)
Right now I'm more focused on trying to get the vintage kits I have stored away ready for sale!
 I do not happen to have this one to sell, by the way - only the framed example shown in the second photo, which is hanging in my home and very likely to stay there.


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

What a fun, memory jogging post! I remember stitching pictures very similar to this. Mine was a very large size, with a hanging fern in it, and other plants, too.

The fern and its fronds were my favorite part because they gave the picture so much texture and extra dimension the way they came right off of the cloth canvas.

I like the way the stitchery artist in the work you showed us changed up the flower colors, I like her choice even better, but wonder why she didn't like the fern fronds.

My fern stitchery kit picture, and several others are here in my house put away...somewhere.

Diane said...

Love the old crewel pictures. I did a mushroom one when I was a kid-- wish I still had that! Wonder why this stitcher changed up colors, etc. Maybe she was trying to match her decor. Interesting.

Sunnyana said...

I remember doing several of these stitchery kits, small and large, when I was a teen. I started a pillow top but never finished it and the last time I looked in the box where I was keeping it, something had eaten at some of the stitching and some other left over yarns. Not sure when your finished piece was stitched, but maybe whoever did your kit had the same problem and had to use different yarns. Both versions are nice.

Tina Dawn said...

This was fun, nit reminded me of those pictures where you have to look and see what is different in the one picture that wasn't in the other, like her earring is missing or his hair is a different color. Love T