Monday, February 12, 2018

Then And Now #107: Bisquick

Today's post features that versatile mix known as Bisquick.
Bisquick has been around for a good, long time!
Here's an advertisement from 1937.
I love that they're using the gorgeous Franciscan dishes! I have a small collection of that set (sorry I haven't time to try and share a photo of it with you today!) - but isn't it lovely in the aqua color?
And another one, this time - we have Bisquick biscuits in a basket. (Say that real fast five times!) from 1952:
And here we have two more vintage ads; these are both from 1954.
Pineapple Upside Down Cake looks pretty good.
It was one of our Daddy's favorite cakes:

Ooohh, and here's an ad for both Bisquick and Reddi-Wip.
Yes, Strawberry Shortcake looks good, too.
I must be hungry or something.....
Next up, we have an ad from 1964.
I will take some of that rolled turkey roast AND some of those sage biscuits, please......
definitely need something to eat ..
I found this cookbook at a thrift store, and I was sure I didn't have it:
I love the artwork inside:
And the food photos aren't bad, either:
This advertisement is from 1964, also:
To send away for the cookbook that I DID already have - this one:
 (The other edition I found just recently was published in 1967.)
I do not remember seeing the Whole Wheat Baking Mix, and I don't know what year this advertisement dates from:
But the package I have in my pantry right now touts that it is "Heart Smart",
so, I mean - that's perfect for February, right?
I also found this recipe tin at a thrift store:
(So I added to my stacks of other cute vintage recipe file boxes I've already been collecting over the years.)
I decided I needed to make a recipe out of one of those cookbooks.
So I ended up with Peach Cobbler:
Here's the recipe from the vintage Bisquick cookbooks:
And the Shortcake recipe:
It was good; we liked it!
(I added a little cinnamon to mine.)


Diane said...

Love seeing the old ads. And LOVE that recipe box; I've never seen one for Bisquick. Cool!

Tina Dawn said...

I use Bisquick April to November to make 60 biscuits for the Kelsey breakfast every first Sunday of the month and everyone loves them and they look just like your pictures. I make the entire big box hubby buys at Costco. But I miss the recipe they used to put on the back for the entire box. Shame, shame Bisquick! Can't find it any where now! Love T