Monday, November 26, 2007

Making Christmas Bright

I'm loving the combinations of bright colors in all this stuff I've found in the last couple of weeks! Gift wrap,tags, and ribbon from Target, and wrapping paper from Martha Stewart at K-Mart, along with great cards from a thrift shop. I guess the cards are for next year - this year I decided I had to make them (see previous post) - right - like I didn't already have enough things to work on!
I like to have tons of choices when it comes to making wrapped gifts look gorgeous - I'm the only person I know who REALLY gets in to wrapping - ask anyone who knows me! I love vintage wrap, new wrap, all of it, and curling ribbon and bows in all colors. I mean, I'm really kind of a freak about it. My husband said - "Heidi never met a wrapping paper she didn't like". Well, I'm not sure that's true, but, you get the idea! Maybe I'll post a photo when I get my wrapping station set up this year.This picture is only some of the most recently purchased stuff. I didn't NEED to even buy any wrap this year.
It all looks so pretty together, though!

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Annette said...

I am one of the lucky people to receive Heidi's beautifully wrapped presents each Christmas and birthday, and I wish I had thought to take photos of each one before I so rudely unwrapped them! I did take pictures two Christmases ago because I just couldn't open them until I did, they were so perfect. They were in vintage paper with adorable tags and I hated to disturb them. But she not only wraps a great present, she picks out a great present too, so you have to tear off that great packaging to enjoy your "especially for you" gift, which she has also spent a lot of time choosing. Thanks Heidi for your lovely gifts and the wrapping!