Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Music To Bake Cookies By

Well, now I'm done with everything but some baking, which I do because I want to, not because I have to. The only thing I really feel like we can't live without are the Christmas coffee cakes, but I always bake cookies and usually make fudge, too. It's raining outside, and I love to be in the kitchen listening to Christmas music. Sometimes I buy old albums at the thrift stores just because the covers are nostalgic and pretty - like this one:
..and this one...
But my favorite thing is to find one that we had and listened to when we were kids. I think I found every one of these at a thrift store. I've always loved this album:
And the Ray Conniff Singers Christmas albums are real faves, as well:
I LOVE their sound:
The New Christy Minstrels! A real blast from the past:
Cute cover on this one, with Jack Benny:

Gotta have me some Dino!
I love the sound of The Lettermen, too:
And do you recognize this family?
Yep, The Donna Reed Show cast. I was tickled when I found that one - I had never seen it before.
It's a Wonderful Life, ain't it?
P.S. Okay, I couldn't stand it! After reading Tina's comment, I just had to come back in and add the Kingston Trio: The Last Month Of The Year! Didn't get a photo, so I scanned it and couldn't fit the whole album cover - but she's right, I should have mentioned it. A TRUE family favorite - from as long as I can remember. We all LOVE it, and I should have not only included it, but featured it prominently, despite the fact that I have written about it before.
And while I am at it, don't you think for one minute that Bing and Andy Williams, and Perry Como and a host of others aren't included, also - always among my favorites!
Whew - I feel so much better now!


Tina Dawn said...

Love all those albums. I know you didn't put in the Kingston Trio because you have done a whole separate post on them but I can't let this go by without mentioning I love their Christmas album. Wonderful post. See you soon. Love T

Tina Dawn said...

Oh goody, now I can go cook cookies with a happy heart... (and glad you mentioned Perry Como too :-) Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Heidi, these albums are all wonderful! Great that you can fill out your collection from the thrift store too! I have read that these old Christmas albums are very collectible. I pick up a few at garage sales, but don't have a turntable anymore to play them on:( Twyla

yosemite faith said...

don't forget mitch miller and the gang as well. i remember us discussing the kingston trio one when we worked together. think it was regarding if i had ever seen it in cd format.....hmmmm.......as always another wonderful post. i love christmas, red & green, music and all the other stuff that comes with christmas.